The following narrated videos are representative of the function of FloShield™.

The FloShield System Overview
An animated overview of the FloShield system, and how it uses Vortex Barrier Technology and Flo-X in situ to maintain superior laparoscopic vision during surgery.
With and Without FloShield Comparison
A side-by-side comparison of the surgical view with FloShield (top) and without FloShield (bottom) while using the harmonic scalpel during a robotic gastric sleeve procedure.
Robotic FloShield Clears Blood from Lens
An arterial bleeder spurts at the scope. Robotic FloShield's Vortex Barrier Technology starts to push the blood off, then Flo-X in situ is used to completely clear the lens.
Fogging and De-Fogging
Fogging of lens when FloShield is off, and de-fogging when floShield is turned back on.
Deflection of Debris on Lens
Typical debris from harmonic scalpel on lens without FloShield™, then deflected from lens with FloShield.
Prevention of Spray on Lens
Harmonic used to divide solid organ. Spray prevented from settling on lens with FloShield.
Prevention of Smudging
Prevention of smudging going through trocar with FloShield.
Flo-X Lens Cleaning System
Flo-X flush feature used to clean end of lens after dipping in blood with FloShield.
0-Degree Simulator
This video demonstrates the ability of FloShield to deflect debris away from the surface of a 0-degree laparoscope.
45-Degree Simulator
This video demonstrates a simulation of the ability of FloShield to push debris away from a 45-degree lens.