Vortex Barrier Technology

Defogs the Lens In Situ
Vortex Barrier Technology provides a continuous flow of dry CO2 gas over the tip of the scope, keeping the lens consistently clear of condensation and fog… Without removing the scope from the surgical site.

Creates a CO2 Barrier
The FloShield sheath directs CO2 from the surgical insufflator to the tip of the laparoscope, creating a barrier of dry gas over the lens that shields it from condensation, debris and smoke.

Flo-X in situ

Cleans the Lens Intra-Operatively
Flo-X in situ, the first intra-operative, alcohol free surfactant, flushes the lens without needing to remove it from the patient.

Flushes the Lens Instantly
Flo-X in situ provides time sensitive, controlled vision recovery after an abrupt loss of vision due to bleeding or rapid accumulation of debris.